From a sixth-generation southeast Kansas family, Jeff has the proven leadership and real world experience to represent the 15th district in the Kansas Senate. As your senator, Jeff has worked hard for the residents of southeast Kansas by championing laws that provide property tax relief, foster job creation, protect public safety and curb needless government regulation.

Watching his parents dedicate their lives to teaching southeast Kansas kids, Jeff learned the value of  hard work and has used worth ethic to help the people of southeast Kansas.

If you a question on an issue important to you, please do not hesitate to contact Jeff.

Property Taxes[+]

thumbnailProperty taxes are the biggest threat to homeowners and the economy of Southeast Kansas. During Jeff’s time in the Kansas Legislature, he has worked diligently to stop the unsustainable increases in property tax rates and to provide property tax relief. Jeff is a proud to have sponsored legislation that tripled the Homestead Property Tax Relief program, lowering taxes for tens of thousands of fixed income seniors and working families with children.

In 2014, Jeff voted for HB 2506 which provided millions in new funding for schools and saved Labette, Neosho, and Montgomery county residents over $2.5 million in property taxes. In 2012, Jeff has authored legislation that passed the Kansas Senate to provide an additional $30 million in property tax relief to families who need it the most. Jeff has led the fight to protect our local tax base, ensuring that homeowners and small businesses pay no more than their fair share of taxes. That success is not enough. More needs to be done to lessen the property tax burden in Kansas and Jeff looks forward to that challenge.

Public Safety[+]

handcuff.jpg.htmlOne of the Legislature’s most important jobs is protecting the safety of all Kansans. As Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Senator King has sponsored numerous pieces of legislation to strengthen public safety. Jeff has authored amendments to close loopholes in our DUI laws, ensuring that repeat drunk drivers spend time in jail. He co-sponsored a bill to remove the statute of limitation for rape and one to stiffen penalties for human traffickers who prey on innocent children and help the victims of this heinous crime.

Jeff has worked tirelessly as a friend of law enforcement, crafting legislation to make sure that those who harm a law enforcement officer spend time in prison. He has worked hard to fight the scourge of drug addiction by harshly punishing drug dealers who kill people with their deadly product. Jeff has also worked to keep our most heinous criminals behind bars by protecting mandatory 50 year prison sentences for those convicted of pre-meditated murder.

Second Amendment[+]

thumbnail-1Senator King has fought to protect the Second Amendment rights of all Kansans. The unprecedented reach of federal power into our lives, especially through federal gun-control regulation, must stop. Jeff has consistently voted to uphold your Second Amendment rights by voting for measures like the Personal and Family Protection Act, the Second Amendment Protection Act, and Constitutional Carry legislation. Senator King will continue to work to ensure the rights of Kansans who lawfully own guns and ammunition are protected.

Economic Development[+]

open-4-bizJeff has consistently championed legislation to promote southeast Kansas. Senator King worked to add Neosho, Montgomery and Labette counties to the list of counties eligible to participate in the Rural Opportunity Zone Program. In 2015, Jeff introduced legislation to extend the ROZ program for five years. This valuable program helps Kansas counties attract new industry, jobs and residents. Jeff also authored legislation to provide southeast Kansas businesses and homeowners with tens of millions of dollars in money to rebuild and expand after the 2007 flood. Jeff also is a co-founder of Project 17, a leadership and economic development collaboration of the 17 southeast Kansas counties that strengthens regional unity and promotes southeast Kansas nationally and internationally.


largeAs the son of two local teachers, Jeff understands the value of a quality education. While in Topeka, he stopped the efforts of urban legislators to consolidate small schools by depriving them of essential funding. After the Kansas economy collapsed in 2009, Kansas schools faced massive funding cuts, Jeff stepped in and helped formulate a plan to preserved $72 million in school funding without raising taxes. For years, rural schools have been denied funding equal to their counterparts in wealthy counties. Senator King co-authored legislation that passed the Kansas Senate to provide rural schools with $54 million in new “equalization” funding to make sure that the quality of a student’s education is not defined by the property wealth of the district in which they live.

In 2015, Jeff supported SB 7 which provides tens of millions of new dollars for Kansas schools while replacing the complex, antiquated funding formula that handcuffed local districts. SB 7 was especially helpful to local schools. Students in Labette, Montgomery, and Neosho counties will receive approximately $4 million in new money over the course of the block grant. No other area of the state received such a substantial funding increase.


largeJeff is a pro-life legislator who has consistently voted to protect the lives of the unborn. Senator King has voted for a variety of bills that severely restrict abortion in Kansas. These bills: restrict abortion on unborn children when they can feel pain, prohibit civil actions for a claim of wrongful life or wrongful birth, and ban government funding for abortion services. Jeff supported the passage of the Unborn Protection from Dismemberment Act which bans dismemberment abortions. Kansas was the first state in the nation to pass such legislation. Jeff will continue to support measures that uphold the dignity of human life, from conception until natural death.