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* What is a Traceroute command?

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Traceroute command is a convenient tool that you can use to see the full route that the packets take to their destination (domain or IP address). It sends Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) packets to test connections and report on latency between two Internet points.

How to traceroute?

Traceroute command is available on all popular operating systems - Windows (Tracert), macOS, Linux (traceroute), and even on mobile (Android and iOS). Each packet that you send contains a TTL (time to live). It is not a time but a limit of hops it can do before getting the result.

Some options for Linux (Traceroute):

  • -i - specifies the interface through which the traceroute will go
  • -s - chooses an alternative source address

If you are interested in Traceroute command and want to find out more options for Linux, Windows, and macOS - check this article!